Creative Europe projects : MasterCamp & I-Portunus

1/ Participate in MASTERCAMP
The Ukrainian house of Culture "Materskaya", launched a comprehensive educational program for young musicians called "MasterCamp". 
MasterCamp is an educational program that combined comprehensive fundamental knowledge from the music industry from Ukraine, Europe and the UK about the modern market, copyright, branding, marketing tools, tours and finance with hands-on experience in music production and teamwork in the studios of the House of Culture "Masterskaya". 
MasterCamp is supported by the European Union and aims to develop and support young musicians which have few opportunities to gain relevant experience and knowledge in the music production. 
The deadline to apply is 6 APRIL. 
2/ EU Mobility funds: I-PORTUNUS 
>> Get informed: If you wanna learn more about the content and how to candidate for I-Portunus, please attend the TransArtists webinar, to have all the answers to your questions! 
About I-Portunus
Are you working in the music/cultural heritage sectors? Do you want to participate in international mobility to promote your project? Then… APPLY for this unique opportunity!
For whom?
• composers, musicians and singers, preferably in classical music, jazz, and traditional music genres
• artists, creators and cultural professionals active in cultural heritage
For what?
Short-term mobility in the context of:
• international collaboration
• a production-oriented residency
• professional development activities
When: mobility between 16 July and 30 November 2021 (conditions permitting)
Duration: between 7 and 60 days
Maximum grant per person: 3000€
This is the third and last open call of this i-Portunus phase. But you still have until the 28 of February to apply for our first open call for music and literary translation, and until the 14 of March for the architecture call!