Pascal Schumacher drops new EP and starts touring!

Pascal Schumacher is taking us on a new dimension of his project, constantly developing his own musical and creative universe. 
After the release of his album SOL in May 2020, and a live recording album at Mudam (LU),  Pascal is now coming with a presentation of remix/reworks of chosen titles of his album, presented in a new EP called "Re:SOL", out on April 27th.   
The first single is out today! Listen to Re:SOL- Bande Originale Sans Film, a rework by the pianist Malakoff Kowalski (DE).  
Two other reworks will follow in March and April; stay tuned! 
Here is the story behind the scene:
“It's Malakoff Kowalski. I discovered him about 2 years ago when I was offered his album 'My First Piano' (MPS - Music). Since then, I couldn't get his music out of my mind and was slowly trying to get in touch with him. Until today we never met in person, but we started something like a virtual online relationship. One day I had the idea to ask him to rework one of my tracks and was lucky. He accepted and he did something very very fine. Yes he did and it will be released digitally on Neue Meister next tuesday (Feb 22nd) as a first single of my upcoming Reworks EP!”
By Pascal Schumacher
Some great concerts are already planned, pencil it in your agenda! 
Feb 25, Sociedad Filarmonica, Bilbao (ES)
Mar 4, Schwere Reiter, Munich (DE)
Mar 20, Konzerthaus, Vienna (AUS)
Mar 25, La marbrerie, Paris (FR)
June 21, La filature, Mulhouse (FR)
June 22 & 23, Philharmonie, Paris (FR) 
Record Label, Neue Meister