Artemandoline is back with their 10th album!

After the worldwide success of their latest release Venice’s Fragrance, the baroque ensemble Artemandoline is back with their 10th album: Italian Baroque Mandolin Sonatas, to be released in February via Deutsche Harmonia Mundi/Sony Classical, which is taking us on another journey to “Bella Italia.”

With writings of very high quality and an incredible vitality through contrasted movements, mandolin sonatas constitute an independent genre and played an important role in the musical life of the 18th century in Italy. The ongoing research in libraries and archives by Marie Fé Pavon and Juan Carlos Muñoz, the two founders of Artemandoline, makes it possible to discover the richness of compositions for an often overlooked instrument: leutino, mandola, armandolino, or simply mandolino.

Listen to the most beautiful Italian works for mandolin with five world premiere recordings that will take you immediately to Italy:

Abbate Ranieri Capponi (1680–1744): Sonata XII, Sonata VIII
Niccolò Susier (1679–1766): Sonata per mandola
Nicola Romaldi (1680–1740): Sonata per mandola
Giovanni Pietro Sesto da Trento (18th century): Sonata di mandolino
Francesco Piccone (1685–1745): Sinfonia per la mandola