“Venice’s Fragrance” - new release for Artemandoline & Nuria Rial

The baroque ensemble Artemandoline and the renowned soprano Nuria Rial are set to release their new album Venice’s Fragrance on June 12th, on the German label SonyDeutsche Harmonia Mundi and on the French label Sony France.

On Venice’s Fragrance, the ensemble - dedicated to the revival of the mandolin and other period instruments such as guitars and lutes - collaborates again with award winning vocalist Nuria Rial in order to explore Venice’s musical treasures! Their selection of brilliant arias and virtuous instrumentals bring alive the fever, theatricality and rich history of Venice. 

This Venitian fragrance is a marvellous reflection of the Italian Baroque style and a seductive portrait of a magical place. Venice makes you feel the abundance, magnificence and mystery of past times that Artemandoline and Nuria Rial succeed to capture.

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