Founded in 2014 to defend the rights and claims of Luxembourg composers and authors at a national and international level, the Luxembourg federation of authors and composers (FLAC) now has more than 100 members. The active members of the association are full-time or part-time composers, are members of a copyright collecting society, have completed higher musical studies or have extensive experience and skills in the field of musical composition. FLAC's members are divided into three main sections; the first works in the field of contemporary/classical music, the second in film music, and the third in jazz and other contemporary music.

The association is committed to fulfilling several missions to develop a strategy for the professionalisation of this very specific sector. One of the main points is trade union work in favour of work opportunities, tariffs and legal assistance. Similarly, FLAC acts as an expert interlocutor with the cultural sector, partners and public decision-makers, in particular, to preserve and promote the policy of public or private commissions and to defend the Luxembourg repertoire. Besides, the members of the association are committed to networking on a national and international level, also in an interdisciplinary way.


Situated on the third floor of the Rockhal, the Rocklab is Luxembourg’s information & resource centre for rock, metal, pop, electro and hip hop artists and bands. It features a media library, six rehearsal rooms, a recording studio (Rockhalstudio) and a selection of online resources (practical sheets, contact listings for Luxembourg and the Greater Region). Rocklab also organises workshops and conferences on different subjects ranging from electronic music production to instrumental techniques and music industry topics. They help in the organisation of festivals for emerging acts and release shows with locals bands and artists at the Rockhal. Furthermore, Rocklab is providing follow-up & support programs, live rehearsal opportunities and professional preparation sessions for musicians, artists and bands from Luxembourg and the Greater Region (FR, BE, DE, LU).


SACEM Luxembourg, the Luxembourgish collective management organization for music rights, has been mandated by authors, composers and music publishers to issue licenses for the use of their music. It receives royalties and distributes them to the creators of the works disseminated. These royalties amount to the salary that pays for the author's work. Besides the collection and distribution of rights, SACEM Luxembourg helps to develop local projects with his “action culturelle”. SACEM Luxembourg is one of music:LX's financial partner.