Blueorange Music (BOM) is a Luxembourgish music publishing house founded in 2015.
Its main goal is to create new pedagogical material for music schools. BOM is looking constantly for the needs in this domain and combines proven systems with new creative ideas. Therefore, the collaboration with active music teachers to search for their needs and to elaborate on new stunning creations is essential. BOM’s objective is to transmit the passion for music by creating new innovative material for music schools.



Luxembourg Music Publishers a.s.b.l. (LMP) is editing, publishing, and selling works by Luxembourgish composers or composers having close ties to Luxembourg. Its catalogue includes contemporary music, a pedagogical collection and a musical heritage collection. With 800 publications, LMP is the biggest publisher of sheet music in Luxembourg and sells exclusively on its own website, where it features also news and short biographies of its composers. Founded in 2013 by the violinist Claude Krier and the composers Alexander Müllenbach and Camille Kerger, LMP receives generous support by the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and by the Ministry of Culture. The current board of administrators counts eight members, mainly professional musicians or musicologists. By storing all publications digitally and printing on-demand, LMP manages to keep the prices of its publications affordable and to ship orders within a few days. It is very important for LMP to produce publications of high editorial and musical quality and to maintain good relationships with its composers. Profits from sales are shared and composers keep all copyrights on their music.


Established in 1994, and accepted by SACEM France as an accredited publishing company, Waltzing Parke Publishing has grown to be a large catalogue of works from Jazz, to Pop to Symphonic and Electronic music. With composers such as the Grammy-winning Gast Waltzing, David Laborier, many Jazz Musicians and Songwriter Maggie Parke.With works in all areas of Music, Film, TV, Jazz, Pop Music, Classical works, and "out of the box" projects it has an extensive catalogue that is growing year by year. We have a large catalogue of original music that is available for use in Film, TV, Advertising, Web content and other projects.