Michel Meis 4tet

©Navid Razvi


Lost In Translation

The quartet around the drummer Michel Meis is making its mark on the European jazz scene with an edgy eclectic jazz that is as vibrant as it is melancholic.

They effortlessly move from one extreme to the other. Unleashed rhythms culminate in lyrical melodies. Classical jazz elements steer towards lush electronic effects. Free improvisations end up almost seamlessly in catchy melodies.

After their acclaimed debut album “Lost in Translation” (2019), they’ll release on 28 May on Double Moon Records their second album “Kaboom”, featuring the French violinist Théo Ceccaldi, one of the most unique musicians of the new European jazz scene.



Michel Meis: drums
Alisa Klein: trombone
Cédric Hanriot: piano & rhodes
Stephan Goldbach: double bass

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