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: Reis Demuth Wiltgen

RDW LuxVille 0087

Pianist Michel Reis, bassist Marc Demuth and drummer Paul Wiltgen are three of Luxembourg's most renowned jazz musicians with an international career, active in different bands. They formed the Reis-Demuth-Wiltgen Trio in 1998 while still in high school and performed on a regular basis in and around Luxembourg for a couple of years. The trio reunited in 2011 eager to share their experiences and new compositions. Each band member composes music for the trio, with the aim to create a fresh and forward thinking overall sound, one that is strongly influenced by popular music and the singer/songwriter genre, but with a core sound that remains in modern jazz.

Their self-titled critically acclaimed first album was released on Laborie Jazz. Since the release, the band has toured extensively throughout the world and has performed on major international jazz festivals in Europe and Asia. The band's sophomore album "Places In Between" was recorded in New York City and will be out on Double Moon Records (DE) on October 2016 (Laborie Jazz for France & Mocloud Records for Japan).

This album captures the essence of the three musicians and their respective experiences. All based in different locations and touring a lot, they present musically the times when they are traveling together and those moments in a person's life - whether they occur during travels or during a major transition - that are pauses from the routines of daily life.

RDW Trio has been awarded the "Luxembourg Export Artist of the Year 2013".

Has played:

Cotton Club, Star Eyes, Club Jazz Kyoto, Yokohama Jazz Promenade (JP), Forbidden City Concert Hall Beijing (CN), Festival Jazz de Nevers, Sunside, Festival Têtes de Jazz Avignon, l'Olympia, Duc des Lombards, New Morning, Festival Jazzy Colors (FR), International Open Air Festival (PL), Cully Jazz Festival, Le Chat Noir (CH), Festival Jazz en Rafale (CA), Kriol Jazz Festival (CPV), Casa da Musica (PT), Santo Domingo Festival (DO), USA, Colombia, Nicaragua, Greece, Turkey, Russia etc...



“This trio is a real discovery.”

“Un disque à l'équilibre parfait, entre écriture européenne et puissance rythmique US.” TSF Jazz

“Nouveau souffle venu du Luxemburg...” Jazz News Magazine

“Le trio a créé la sensation ... au Festival Saveurs Jazz!”

“Là où de nombreux groupes se brûlent les ailes à trop vouloir jouer la carte de la modernité facile, le trio réussit à allier cette approche à une souplesse et une capacité d’évasion qui évitent toute monotonie. Car derrière des atours accrocheurs se dissimulent des trésors d’inventivité, et les musiciens laissent souvent libre cours à leur lyrisme, que ce soit par le biais de solos concis intelligemment placés dans les structures ou par de longues montées en puissance” Olivier Acosta, Citizen Jazz

Title: Places In Between

Year: 2016

Label: Double Moon Records (Laborie Jazz/France & Mocloud Records/Japan)

Title: Reis/Demuth/Wiltgen

Year: 2013

Label: Laborie Jazz

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