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Pascal Schumacher, 1979

Pascal studied classical percussion, jazz vibraphone and musicology at music conservatories in Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Brussels and The Hague. He holds a Master’s degree in musicology from the Marc Bloch University in Strasbourg, and another in music with a focus on jazz vibraphone from the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague. He has won many awards, including the Belgian Django d’Or (2005), Music:LX (2012), ECHO Jazz (2012), JTI Trier Jazz (2014) and was selected for the Rising Stars program organized by the European Concert Hall Organization (2009 / 10).

Pascal is a Yamaha Artist and lives in Luxembourg.

Drops & Points by Pascal Schumacher:

Drops & Points sets his experiences and influences to music in a very personal way. Using volumetric effects, narrative images, video mapping and lighting, he created an immersive show, producing visual animations that accompany the live music in real time. It's a unique visual universe mapped onto the live music that is breezy, floating, impactful, rhythmic and dynamic. 


« The music was ethereal and dreamy, a pastel soundscape achieving a lovely anthemic quality towards the end as the aural sky widened. Vibraphone floated like dense fog and the guitarist avoided any Bill Frisell-ian cliché. Steve Reich would have found this mesmerizing ». By Ken Waxman, The New York City Jazz Record (US)


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Title: Drops & Points by Pascal Schumacher

Year: 2017

Label: Modulating Music

Title : Afrodiziak

Year : 2015

Label : MPS/EDEL

Title: Left Tokyo Right - Pascal Schumacher

Year: 2015

Label: Laborie Jazz

Title: Bang My Can - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2011

Label: Enja Records

Title: Face to Face - Pascal Schumacher & Jef Neve

Year: 2010 

Label: Enja Records


Title: Here We Gong - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2009

Label: Enja Records


Title: Silbergrau - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2007

Label: Igloo Records


Title: Personal Legend - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2005

Label: Igloo Records


Title: Change of The Moon - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

Year: 2004

Label: Igloo Records


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