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: Maxime Bender


The saxophonist Maxime Bender is part of a new young jazz artists generation from Luxembourg, inspired by a large scale of genres and moving away from the typical jazz routine. As a leader in several bands, he takes advantage of a multiplicity of projects to showcase his different facets as a composer and saxophone player: the Maxime Bender 4tet, the Maxime Bender Orchestra, the Maxime Bender Group featuring David Binney and the last new project Maxime Bender Universal Sky.

Maxime Bender collaborates with musicians like Anne Pacéo, Manu Codjia, Oliver Lutz, Philipp van Endert and others. His last album « Path of Decisions » was released with his Quartet on the French label Laborie Jazz in September 2016.


: Maxime Bender 4tet

Formed by Maxime Bender (saxophone), Simon Seidl (piano), Oliver Lutz (double blass) and Silvio Morger (drums), the Quartet tries to take a bold step and definitely move away from the typical jazz routine. The harmonic and rhythmic structures leave room for new spaces of spontaneous composition, an immediate musical communication and a flow of unlimited creative energy. In a few words, the Quartet proposes us something fresher, freer, newer and certainly more exciting.

The Quartet has recorded a number of albums, the most recent being “Path of Decision” under the French label Laborie Jazz to be released in September 2016.


: The Universal Sky

Maxime Bender’s new project 'Universal Sky' is an opportunity to let go of the barriers between genres. With Manu Codjia (guitar), Jean-Yves Jung (organ, playing with Bireli Lagrene) and Jérôme Klein (drums), they eliminate cultural boundaries thanks to music, bringing people together regardless of the language they speak.
The first album by Universal Sky will be recorded in 2017 and later released on the French label Laborie Jazz.


: Maxime Bender Orchestra

The Maxime Bender Orchestra is a unique project with musicians among the finest international contemporary jazz players. Bender's original compositions, written especially for this project, are largely based on his personal take on the contemporary modern big band sound, whilst discretely interweaving respectful undertones of the timeless classical jazz elements. Maxime Bender uses the big band formula as a larger playground for a search for new textures, sounds and rhythmical complexity.
The entire big band recorded the album « Fellowship » in 2010 on Jazzsick Records, in both the Topaz studio in Cologne and the Systems two studios in NYC.


: Maxime Bender Group feat David Binney

The music from the Maxime Bender Group represents the new jazz generation. It's a fresh new terrain where the sylistical borders of pop, fusion and traditional jazz dissolve and thus yield to an open space for a new type of jazz with highly refined arrangements, energetic melodic and rhythmical complexity.

Bandmembers: Maxime Bender (tenor & soprano sax / compostions), David Binney (alto sax), Riaz Khabirpour (guitar), Sebastian Sternal (piano), Markus Braun (bass), Silvio Morger (drums)


Has played:

Jazz à Vienne, Calvi Jazz Festival, Sunset-Sunside, Jazz dans la Ville, Studio de l'Ermitage, Nancy Jazz Pulsations (FR), Ghent Jazz Festival, Gaume Jazz Festival (BE), Edinburgh Jazz Festival (GB), Bratislava Jazz Festival (SK), Kaunas Jazz Festival (LT), Leverkusener Jazztage, Burghausen Jazz Festival, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof Bremen, Jazzclub Unterfahrt (DE), Jazz Festival Agadir & Tanger (MO), Athens Jazz Festival (GR), Jazz Presov (SK), Paradox (NL)...



"The top of contemporary jazz.", Soultrain

"The kind of records one knows one will come back to.", Jazz Magazine France

"This is pure and instrumental jazz.", Melodie & Rhytmus

"It’s a real treat... Jazz quartet reinvented.", Jazz Podium Germany

Title: Path of Decision - Maxime Bender 4tet

Year: 2016 

Label: Laborie Jazz

Title: Follow the Eye - Maxime Bender 4tet

Year: 2011

Label: Jazzsick Records

Title: Fellowship - Maxime Bender Orchestra

Year: 2011

Label: Jazzsick Records


Title: Open Range - Maxime Bender Group feat David Binney

Year: 2007

Label: Jazzsick Records


Title: Emanon - Maxime Bender 4tet

Year: 2005

Label: Self-released


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