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Largo project is made up of a perfect and coherent fusion of different worlds. Sensual and innovating but not cold or calculating, this music is creative and dynamic. Largo is formed by Gast Waltzing (trumpet and composer), David Laborier (guitar), Rom A. Heck (bass) and Rainer Kind (drums).

What makes the music of Largo so distinctive is Gast Waltzing's personal vision as well as his very unique way of scrutinizing jazz music. For their fourth album entitled 'Jazzed Up in New Orleans', Largo went to New Orleans where they found that little « je-ne-sais-quoi », providing them a new energy; the union between a jazz band from Luxembourg and the warm sounds of New Orleans. To convey the strength of these new compositions, Gast Waltzing envisioned a brass band to embed their personalities as well as their individual touch. The Soul Rebels (two trumpets, one saxophone, two trombones, one sousaphone, one snare and one bass drum) are featured on four songs, and the young organist Kyle Roussel plays on two tracks.

The fusion is perfect! The album brings together different worlds all at once, those of gospel, jazz and also brass bands. It is alive, has melody, rock, and even sometimes makes you want to dance.

Have played:

Yokohama Jazz Promenade, Sapporo Jazz Festival, Nango Summer Jazz Festival, Cotton Club Tokyo (JP), Beijing Ninegates Jazz Festival, Concert Hall Yangzhou, Shanghai (CH), New Morning (FR), Glasgow Celtic Festival (GB), Jazzhouse Copenhagen (NL), Koko Jazz Club (FI), Clearwater Jazz Festival (US), Pizza Express London (GB), Sibiu Jazz Festival (RO)...


“Clearly these guys are highly talented and versatile musicians. (...) Most of the music is resolutely up-tempo and forceful with the emphasis on rock rhythms. (...) I was hugely impressed with ‘It’s All About Us’ despite (or maybe because of) it’s Rock Trappings. This is fiery, intelligent Jazz/Rock.”

Title: Unplugged Live!

Year: 2016

Label: WPR Jazz

Title: Jazzed Up in New Orleans

Year: 2013

Label: WPR Jazz

Title: It's All About Us

Year: 2009

Label: WPR Jazz

Title: Long Journey

Year: 2005

Label: Warner Music


Title: Fables of Lost Time

Year: 2003

Label: Warner Music


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