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: Greg Lamy

GL4tet by Paulo Lobo2

« A guitar player whose refreshing and pure guitar sound gives birth to multiple melodical climates, underlined by a most fluid style, a musician with a promising future » says the world famous Beninese jazz guitarist Lionel Loueke about the luxemburgish guitarist Greg Lamy, one of the most talented artists among the 'rising stars' of the european jazz scene.


:Greg Lamy 4tet

New Orleans native Greg Lamy lives between Luxemburg and Paris. After he studied in Boston at the Berklee College of Music, he was rapidly noticed when showcasing in clubs and quickly toured across Europe or in New York. Greg Lamy often finds himself invited to perform in various bands and has simultanously created his own quartet with the saxophonist Johannes Müller, the drummer Jean-Marc Robin and the double-bass player Gautier Laurent. Since 2006, the quartet has released three albums, What are you afraid of ? (2006), I see you (2009) and Meeting (2013),  signed with the label Igloo Records.

In June 2017, a new album Press Enter will be released on Igloo Records and is more marked by the bold modernism.

The Greg Lamy Quartet is an inspired and challenging formation where the pleasure of performing together and being pluralist at the same time are the decisive element, creating a unique jazz atmosphere.

: Greg Lamy and Quentin Liégeois

Greg Lamy and Quentin Liégeois met in Brussels a few years ago and work together since 2006. The two guitarists, besides building up their solo career, share the joy of playing in duo and the search of surprising on scene.

In order to fall in step, the two musicians have conceived their own repertoire which includes the rearranged adaptation of popular pieces such as Stevie Wonder "Isn't she lovely" or famous jazz standards like "All the things you are" by Jerome Kern. They also perform their own compositions like the recently released tune « Le Chien » and « Blues for Jean ». Besides their perfect technique, these two guys are in perfect harmony, their sensibilities arrive to join, and they share humor as well as good notes, which provide this subtle touch to their arrangements. It's an exchange, based on the personal musical universe of each of the two guitarists, they will now meet their audience as a duo. Greg Lamy first started this project with Paulo Simoes with whom he released a CD in 2011 including their new compositions. The two musicians have just released the album « Two Guitars » in 2015 with Ernie Hammes (trumpet), Jérôme Goldschmidt (percussion) and Gautier Laurent (double bass).

During 2016, Lamy will release a new CD including the new compositions with Quentin Liégeois.


Has played:

The 55 Bar in Greenwich Village, the Knitting Factory (NY), the Winter Jazz Festival (USA), the Jazz au Chellah Festival (Rabat, Morocco), the Kunstler Haus (Munich, Germany), Brazil (Rio, Campinas, Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre), the Millau Jazz Festival, Baiser Salé, Festival Jazzy Colors (FR)...



« This is a beautiful album, full of great and spontaneous ideas. The tone of Greg's guitar is pure and refreshing. I'm sure we will hear more from him . »
Guitarist Lionel Loueke, 2013 (BJ)

« Greg's very fluid playing settles a vast range of melodic climates. His album - I see you - is proof that we are in presence of a musician with a bright future. »
Guitarist Lionel Loueke, 2014 (BJ)

« Once again Greg Lamy produced a convincing album, jazz, sometimes groovy-soulful, sometimes folk ballad, sometimes straight ahead swinging, sometimes laid-back rocking - it's a broad spectrum. Also impressive, the way the bass player Gautier Laurent is supporting the rest of the band. It succeeds... »
Lothar Trampert, for the « Gitarre & Bass » Magazin, 2010 (DE)


Title: Greg Lamy Quartet, "Press Enter"

Year: 2017

Label: Igloo Records 

Title: Greg Lamy & Paulo Simoes, "Two Guitars"

Year: 2015

Label: Self-released

Title: Greg Lamy Quartet, "Meeting"

Year: 2013

Label: Igloo Records

Title: Greg Lamy & Paulo Simoes, "Jazz Guitar Duo"

Year: 2011

Label: Self-released

Title: Greg Lamy Quartet, "I see you"

Year: 2009

Label: Self-released


Title: Greg Lamy Quartet, "What are you afraid of?"

Year: 2006

Label: Self-released


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